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    Chris Jewell authored
    1. Fixed bug in covid.impl.event_time_mh._reverse_move where Multinomial one_hot tensor wasn't being advanced for the reverse move.  This is a temporary workaround while tf.nn.sparse_softmax_cross_entropy_with_logits is fixed.
    2. Batched EventTimesProposal to move multiple meta-populations.
    3. Batched _move_events to allow for multiple meta-population updates
    4. Refactored covid.impl.event_time_proposal._abscumdiff so we calculate `bound_times` outside the function.  This allows clipping of times proposed outside [0, T] to [0, T], thus avoiding an error in tf.gather_nd in CPU mode.  The output of EventTimesProposal.sample and EventTimesProposal.log_prob might be inconsistent with what we expect, but that's okay as the move gets rejected as an out-of-bounds proposal anyway.