Commit 1b78bec2 authored by Chris Jewell's avatar Chris Jewell
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Fixed mismatched brace in interface.R

parent 02f5d23b
......@@ -74,7 +74,7 @@
#' are appended to any previous iterations, or overwrites them. When
#' \code{append = TRUE}, the starting values are the last iteration and no
#' \code{burn_in} is removed. Running the model for the first time, or changing any
#' model or fitting parameters will set \code{append = FALSE}.}
#' model or fitting parameters will set \code{append = FALSE}.
#' \item{\code{print_data}}{returns a list containing the human data \code{y}
#' (an array y[types, times, locations]), the source data \code{X} (an array X[types, sources, times]),
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