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Location-ified mobility and population data adaptors

parent 17d98f36
......@@ -13,19 +13,20 @@ __all__ = [
def read_mobility(path):
def read_mobility(path, locations):
"""Reads in CSV with mobility matrix.
CSV format: <To>,<id>,<id>,....
:param path: path to CSV file
:param locations: a list of locations to use
:returns: a numpy matrix sorted by <id> on both rows and cols.
mobility = pd.read_csv(path)
print("Locations: ", locations)
mobility = mobility[
& mobility["To"].str.startswith("E")
mobility["From"].isin(locations) & mobility["To"].isin(locations)
mobility = mobility.sort_values(["From", "To"])
mobility = mobility.groupby(["From", "To"]).agg({"Flow": sum}).reset_index()
......@@ -34,12 +35,14 @@ def read_mobility(path):
return mob_matrix
def read_population(path):
def read_population(path, locations):
"""Reads population CSV
:param path: CSV file
:param locations: locations to use
:returns: a pandas Series indexed by LTLAs
pop = pd.read_csv(path, index_col="lad19cd")
pop = pop[pop.index.str.startswith("E")]
pop = pop[pop.index.isin(locations)]
pop = pop.sum(axis=1)
pop = pop.sort_index() = "n"
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