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Delete r0_calc.py

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import numpy as np
from scipy import optimize as opt
from covid.rdata import *
from covid.model import CovidUKODE
if __name__=='__main__':
K, _ = load_age_mixing('data/polymod_normal_df.rds')
T, _ = load_mobility_matrix('data/movement.rds')
np.fill_diagonal(T, 0.)
N, _ = load_population('data/pop.rds')
model = CovidUKODE(K, T, N)
print("R0 (beta=0.036) = ", model.eval_R0({'beta1': 0.036, 'beta2': 0.33, 'gamma': 0.25}))
R0 = 2.4
def opt_fn(beta, R0):
r0, i = model.eval_R0({'beta1': beta, 'beta2': 0.33, 'gamma': 0.25}, 1e-9)
return (r0 - R0)**2
res = opt.minimize_scalar(opt_fn, args=R0)
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