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# covid19uk
## Files
* `covid` Python package
* `model.py` main CovidUKODE model class
* `rdata.py` functions to import R .rds files with data
* `pydata.py` functions for importing files not from R .rds files
* `util.py` utility functions
* `covid_ode.py` script that runs a test simulator
* `mcmc.py` fits the model
* `prediction.py` ingests a posterior from `mcmc.py`, calculates predictions (saved in pred_2020-03-15.h5) file.
* `ode_config.yaml` default YAML configuration file for Covid-19 model (used by the 3 files above)
* `household_sim.py` experimental (and probably broken) code
* `environment.yaml` conda description of the required environment. Create with `conda create --file environment.yaml`
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