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Added script to attach latest alert levels to geopackage

parent 3dfa160f
"""Adds Tier info to geopackage"""
import os
import yaml
import h5py
import numpy as np
import geopandas as gp
from covid.cli_arg_parse import cli_args
import model_spec
DTYPE = model_spec.DTYPE
GIS_TEMPLATE = "data/UK2019mod_pop.gpkg"
if __name__ == "__main__":
args = cli_args()
# Get general config
with open(args.config, "r") as f:
config = yaml.load(f, Loader=yaml.FullLoader)
# Load covariate data
covar_data = model_spec.read_covariates(config)
# Load geopackage
geo = gp.read_file(
config["output"]["results_dir"], config["output"]["geopackage"]
geo = geo[geo["lad19cd"].str.startswith("E")] # England only, for now.
geo = geo.sort_values("lad19cd")
tiers = covar_data["L"][-1].to_dataframe()[["value"]]
tiers = tiers[tiers["value"] == 1.0].reset_index()
geo["current_alert_level"] = tiers["alert_level"]
config["output"]["results_dir"], config["output"]["geopackage"]
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