Commit 6274bc57 authored by Chris Jewell's avatar Chris Jewell
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Merge branch 'add_inferencedata_format' into 'master'

Adjusted pipeline to ensure config.yaml is written to results dir first.

See merge request !32
parents 4c0e7240 3bb2d360
...@@ -57,21 +57,18 @@ def run_pipeline(global_config, results_directory, cli_options): ...@@ -57,21 +57,18 @@ def run_pipeline(global_config, results_directory, cli_options):
# Pipeline starts here # Pipeline starts here
@rf.mkdir(results_directory) @rf.mkdir(results_directory)
@rf.originate(wd("config.yaml"), global_config)
def save_config(output_file, config):
with open(output_file, "w") as f:
yaml.dump(config, f)
@rf.originate(wd(""), global_config) @rf.originate(wd(""), global_config)
def process_data(output_file, config): def process_data(output_file, config):
_create_nc_file(output_file, pipeline_meta) _create_nc_file(output_file, pipeline_meta)
assemble_data(output_file, config["ProcessData"]) assemble_data(output_file, config["ProcessData"])
def save_config(input_file, output_file, config):
with open(output_file, "w") as f:
yaml.dump(config, f)
@rf.transform( @rf.transform(
process_data, process_data,
rf.formatter(), rf.formatter(),
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