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* `` a PEP518-compliant file describing the `poetry` build system and dependencies.
## Example data files
* `data/example_cases.csv` a file containing example case data for 43 local authorities in England collected and present of PHE's [website](
* `data/c2019modagepop.csv` a file containing local authority population data in the UK, taken from ONS prediction for December 2019. Local authorities [City of Westminster, City of London] and [Cornwall, Isles of Scilly] have been aggregated to meet commute data processing requirements.
* `data/mergedflows.csv` inter local authority mobility matrix taken from UK Census 2011 commuting data and aggregated up from Middle Super Output Area level (respecting aggregated LADs as above).
* `data/UK2019mod_pop.gpkg` a geopackage containing UK Local Authority Districts (2019) polygons together with population and areal metrics.
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