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......@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@ UTLA: Upper Tier Local Authority
LAD: Local Authority District
Polymod: research output from [this]( social mixing study
## Files contained in this directory
* `DailyConfirmedCases_2020-03-20.csv` -- total England daily case data scraped from Public Health England's page [here](
......@@ -20,4 +21,5 @@ Polymod: research output from [this](
* `polymod_normal_df.rds` -- R "RDS" file containing the [Polymod]( social mixing data for school time
* `pop.rds` -- a R "RDS" file containing the ONS 2019 projected population size in each UTLA
* `ukmidyearestimates20182019ladcodes.csv` -- ONS 2019 projected population size in each LAD (no currently used)
* `commute_vol_2020-03-20.csv` -- a measure of the UK-wide commuter activity
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