Commit b31f2d11 authored by Chris Jewell's avatar Chris Jewell
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Added file to run simulation.

parent 94ffb772
import tensorboard as tb
import numpy as np
from covid.model import Homogeneous
model = Homogeneous()
popsize = 10
state = np.array([np.full([popsize], 999.),
np.full([popsize], 0.),
np.full([popsize], 1.),
np.full([popsize], 0.)], dtype=np.float32)
print("Running...", flush=True, sep='')
t, sim_state = model.sample(state,
[0., 365.],
{'beta': 0.2, 'nu': 0.14, 'gamma':0.14})
print("Done", flush=True)
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