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Simplified symbol table slightly, and fixed bug in dag generator caused by...

Simplified symbol table slightly, and fixed bug in dag generator caused by IdRef definition pointing to IdRef nodes rather than *Assign nodes for formal arguments.
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......@@ -25,6 +25,7 @@ if have_graphviz:
from graphviz import Digraph
from gem.gemlang.ast import ASTNode
from gem.gemlang.ast.ast_statement import Statement
from gem.gemlang.ast.ast_expression import IdRef
from gem.gemlang.symbol import RandomVariableSymbol, VariableSymbol, STMSymbol
......@@ -67,14 +68,13 @@ def get_dependencies(ast_node):
:param ast_node: a sub-AST root node
:returns: a set of IdRef AST nodes
if isinstance(ast_node, IdRef):
node_symbol = ast_node.symbol
if isinstance(node_symbol, RandomVariableSymbol):
return {node_symbol}
elif isinstance(node_symbol, STMSymbol):
return get_dependencies(node_symbol.definition.children[2])
elif isinstance(node_symbol, VariableSymbol):
elif isinstance(node_symbol, VariableSymbol) and isinstance(node_symbol.definition, Statement):
return get_dependencies(node_symbol.definition.children[1])
random_vars = set()
......@@ -118,7 +118,6 @@ def generate_dag(symbol_table):
dag_dict = { DAGNode( for rv_symbol in random_var_symbols}
for rv_symbol in random_var_symbols:
ast = rv_symbol.definition
deps = get_dependencies(ast.children[1])
for dep in deps:
......@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ __all__ = ['Symbol', 'GlobalScope', 'LocalScope', 'ExternalDataSymbol',
'PlaceholderSymbol', 'BuiltInFunctionSymbol',
'BuiltinProbabilityDistributionSymbol', 'FArgSymbol', 'STMSymbol', 'Scope',
'BuiltinProbabilityDistributionSymbol', 'STMSymbol', 'Scope',
_anon_scope_count = 0
......@@ -188,7 +188,7 @@ class VariableSymbol(Symbol):
:param type: the variable type
def __init__(self, name, definition, type='None'):
def __init__(self, name, definition, type='None', is_parameter=False):
super().__init__(name, definition)
self.type = type
......@@ -222,11 +222,6 @@ class ScopedSymbol(Scope, Symbol):
super().__init__(name, enclosing_scope=enclosing_scope)
class FArgSymbol(Symbol):
def __init__(self, name, definition):
super().__init__(name, definition)
class FunctionSymbol(ScopedSymbol):
"""Represents a function scope.
......@@ -239,13 +234,11 @@ class FunctionSymbol(ScopedSymbol):
assert isinstance(definition, (ASTNode,
str)), f"definition={definition} is of type {type(definition)}"
super().__init__(name, definition, enclosing_scope=enclosing_scope)
self.__params = Scope()
def argcount(self):
"""Returns the number of required arguments"""
symbols = [k for k in self._symbols.keys() if k[0] != '_']
return len(symbols)
return len(self.get_by_type(VariableSymbol))
class PlaceholderSymbol(FunctionSymbol):
......@@ -297,21 +290,17 @@ class STMSymbol(ProbabilityDistributionSymbol):
:param ast_ref: reference to an ASTNode defining the STM.
:param enclosing_scope: the enclosing scope.
def __init__(self, name, ast_ref, enclosing_scope=None):
assert enclosing_scope is not None
super().__init__(str(name), ast_ref, enclosing_scope)
self.config = Scope(name='options', enclosing_scope=self)
self.config.declare(VariableSymbol('class', self.definition))
self.config.declare(VariableSymbol('time_origin', self.definition))
self.config.declare(VariableSymbol('time_step', self.definition))
def _init_builtins(self):
self.declare(make_builtin_symbol(BuiltInFunctionSymbol, 'State', ['init'],
enclosing_scope=self)) # State only allowable in an STM
self.declare(VariableSymbol('class', self.definition))
self.declare(VariableSymbol('time_origin', self.definition))
self.declare(VariableSymbol('time_step', self.definition))
def argcount(self):
return len(self.get_by_type(FArgSymbol))
......@@ -80,7 +80,7 @@ class SymbolDeclarer(SemanticAnalysis):
def onExit_FArg(self, argdef):
sym = FArgSymbol(name=argdef.value, definition=argdef)
sym = VariableSymbol(name=argdef.value, definition=argdef, is_parameter=True)
def onEnter_Block(self, block):
......@@ -173,13 +173,11 @@ class SymbolResolver(SemanticAnalysis):
sym = self.current_scope.resolve(ast_node.value)
except NameError as e:
raise NameError(
"{} at line {} column {}".format(e, ast_node.meta.line,
ast_node.symbol = sym
RandomVariableList = namedtuple("RandomVariableList", ['free', 'observed'])
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